The Top Technology Companies to Work For

As domineering drivers of economic growth, consumer tastes, and financial markets, technology companies have dramatically surpassed the broader market over the past few years. Primarily, they participate in the research, development, and manufacturing of technologically-based goods and services. 

Companies in the technology sector create software as well as design and manufacture computers, mobile devices, and home appliances. Moreover, they are also responsible for providing information about technology-related products and services. 

As these companies continue to develop and expand, the opportunities to work for them are increasing. Tech companies, known for offering lavish perks and high salaries, are some of the best places to work in. Take a look at the top tech companies to work for below.

The Top Technology Companies to Work For
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Hubspot provides services and software, from marketing to customer service, so that an entire company can work together. They offer a free HubSpot CRM that powers each HubSpot product.

Their products include the Content Management Hub, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub for businesses. 

Perks and Benefits

You can decide when and for how long to take time off. HubSpot’s Vacation Quota Relief (VQR) makes sure vacations are unlimited to all. After five years, you get a four-week paid sabbatical, equivalent to a $5K US bonus. 

You can also choose to work from home or remotely. Aside from healthcare coverage, the company also provides mental health resources 24/7. They also offer parental leave and support benefits.

Additionally, the company offers training and programs for leadership development. They guarantee health and fitness, discounted employee stock purchases, tuition reimbursement, ongoing learning, employee resource groups, and much more. 

How to Apply

You can go to their site to see all open positions and apply online. Although HubSpot is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it has 10 office locations across 9 countries. As such, they accept diverse applicants from different locations.

Some vacancies include Account Executives, Account Managers, Associate Business Development Representatives, and Customer Support Specialist positions.


Google is the company behind the Google search engine, the Android operating system, Gmail, and many other products. 

Perks and Benefits

All of their on-site cafes and canteens provide free meals to employees. The company offers on-site medical personnel and health care coverage as well. Employees are covered with travel insurance and emergency assistance on both personal and work-related vacations. 

Google gives the best parental leave for new parents and offers death benefits to deceased employees’ families. The company’s policies enable employees to take a leave of absence to pursue further education covered by Google. To help with morale, employees can bring their pets to work

How to Apply

The Googleplex, their corporate headquarters, is located in Mountain View, California. However, Google has more than 70 offices in 50 countries. You can visit Google Careers to see vacancies worldwide and apply online. 

They are looking for Engineering Directors, Sales Specialists, Community Program Managers, Account Managers, Software Engineers, and many more positions. Just match your skills and interests to the jobs you’re excited about and the problems you want to solve.


Facebook is the social media giant behind Messenger, Instagram (including apps like Boomerang), WhatsApp, and, its core mobile app, Facebook.

Perks and Benefits

Aside from a competitive salary, Facebook offers holistic wellness programs including physical and mental health services to help employees stay healthy. The company gives paid leave for new parents, support for family planning, and a flexible spending account for dependent care. 

It also provides financial benefits and services such as a competitive retirement plan, life insurance, and equity awards. It also allows generous paid time off, a 30-day paid break every five years, and other leave programs so that any employee can take care of themselves and their families when needed. 

How to Apply

Facebook is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, and has 85 office locations across 35 countries. You can view all available job positions in different areas via Facebook Careers. You can submit your application online or send your resume to a recruiter. 

They have a lot of vacant positions in advertising technology, communications and public policy, design and user experience, research, product management, and software engineering. All jobs focus on Facebook’s mission of bringing the world closer together. 

The Top Technology Companies to Work For
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Undoubtedly, these tech companies offer amazing perks and salaries. They have earned a reputation for prioritizing their employees’ wellbeing and happiness. After all, people who do great work deserve great appreciation. 

Despite what’s happening around the globe, they are still actively hiring to fill non-technical and technical roles. If you want a career in technology, you may consider these top-rated tech companies.