Free Resume Sample – How to Make a Great Job Resume


If you are looking for a job, the first thing you need to do is write a good and comprehensive resume. A resume is simply a complete record of your experience in terms of work, education, achievements, certifications, and skills. 

It should also include all of your contact information such as your day telephone numbers and any other information that can make a case for you to get the job. A resume is basically the first contact between you and the company you wish to work for.


In other countries, however, this document is called a Curriculum Vitae – CV. So, if you are applying for a job overseas and find them asking you to supply them with a CV, they are asking for a resume. 

Free Resume Sample - How to Make a Great Job Resume
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A resume should be a one page document that summarizes your personal and previous employment information. Employers will want to see everything they need on this one page. Therefore, it is important to learn the skill of consolidating all of the information you would like to showcase

Step 1: Choosing the Type of Resume You Want to Make

Basically, there are usually three main types of resumes: a chronological resume, a functional resume, and a combination of the two. You may consider more than one format if you are going to be apply for multiple jobs at the same time. 


Chronological Resume

This is the most traditional form of writing a resume. It includes a list of all your experiences in the order of how they took place. This is great when giving it to someone older or for a field that is a little bit conservative.


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Functional Resume

This is a resume that lists your experiences as per your skills. This format is usually great if you are planning on changing the direction of your career, and do not have direct experience. It, therefore, displays your kills first and then your work experience. 


Functional Resume: Template, Examples & Writing Guide
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This combines the best of the functional and chronological styles. You must be careful though, as it’s likely to get very long. However, this format is a great option if you have some relevant work experience but also feel that you skills are more valuable for the position.

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Step 2: Writing the Resume

Create a Header

When you start writing the resume, the first thing you need to do is create a header. This should have your name, your email address, and phone number. You can also include a mailing address, although it is not necessary.

Use a phone number that you know you pick every time someone calls you. You can also change your voice mail message so it sounds more professional in case one of the companies you are seeking to get employment with decides to call.

Also, ensure that the email address is professional. You shouldn’t use addresses such as or These show that you are not serious, and the company is not likely to reach out to you, regardless of how qualified you may be.

Start Writing the Summary

In a few sentences, you should summarize your work experience and list all the relevant skills needed for the job. Keep this very simple, but also extremely strong.

The summary is useful when explaining why you have decided to apply for the role and how it fits into your career path. You may also choose not to include this, especially if the experience you have is enough to speak for itself.

List All of Your Skills and Experiences

Start this list with your most recent job or the current job you have. List all your previous experiences as well. 

This is an important section in the resume as it shows where you have worked before and when you worked there. It also shows the accomplishments you have managed to achieve over the years.

Remember that the content shouldn’t be more than one page. So, choose wisely what you wish to share with your potential employer. Don’t bother with small time gigs that do not add any value to you as an individual, such as eating 30 pies in 20 minutes. 

Different Resume Types
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Since this is a competition, you must ensure that you come out shining and have the best resume in the group. Spend time doing a good job, and don’t take anything for granted.