Everything You Need to Know About Gas Fitters

Most homeowners, if not all, are using gas in any form. With its undeniable reliability, it has quickly become the best alternative power sources compared to solar and electricity. Although this system has been one of the most preferred options, the need for licensed gas fitters is still a must.

What is gas fitting?

This term defines any work that is related to installation repair or altering any gas appliance to ensure a safe operation. Additionally, it includes work on appliances that are used for boats, ships, trains and other vehicles.

What is a gas fitter?

An expert that is responsible for installing and servicing natural fixtures and appliances in residential, commercial or industrial spaces. Also, fitters have the knowledge to maintain and repair equipment.

As part of their role, these experts may perform the following duties:

  • Interpret drawings and specifications
  • Test pipe works
  • Install pipes
  • Provide proper instruction on the proper usage and maintenance of fixtures and equipment
  • Install regulating system
  • Install LPG systems in various vehicles including boats and caravans

How should I choose a company?

The first thing you need to make sure before dealing with a prospect fitter is to ensure that they are licensed and qualified.

In addition, a suitable candidate should be able to offer an emergency service available 24/7 as unexpected situations, such as leakage or split pipes may occur anytime. if you are planning to have an appliance installed or maintained, it is best to get several quotes from various companies.

Why choose Bell Plumbing Maintenance?

The company is a family-owned business renowned for providing high-quality, reliable and customer-focused plumbing solution throughout Brisbane. Staffed with an excellent and trustworthy team of gas fitters, they guarantee to perform with the highest level of workmanship available 24/7.