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Basics of Catering Equipment

Catering is the act of giving food and liquid refreshment for a variety of events like including business meetings, conferences, exhibitions, special events, weddings, and other important social occasions that would not be complete without food. Caterers, which are either independent vendors or entities who are a part of a particular division of a facility like many occupations, catering takes a combination of training, hard work, and carefully honed skills to succeed.

While there are common factors with being a cook, caterers face many extra challenges. They have to be the ones to handle business matters like accounting, marketing, negotiating with the customers, plus they have to pay additional attention to the decorations of the event as well as the quality of the food that they serve which is the most important part, customers would not want to avail catering services whose dishes are not worth it.

Often times it is an advantage to run a catering business to prepare you for running your own restaurant and if you already have your own restaurant business catering can be a way for you to promote the food you serve and the good service you give to your customers. As a caterer there variety of equipment you will need before you could call your catering business is a fully functional one.

Here are some of them:


Table Settings

Dinner plates, Bread plates, Salad plates, Water and Wine glasses, Coffee cups with saucer, Silverware settings, Linen or paper napkins, Tablecloths, Table centrepieces, Salt and pepper shakers, Sugar holders, Butter holders, Serving Equipment, Serving trays, Bus tubs, Water pitchers, Buffet Equipment
Plates, Silverware rolls

Coffee/Beverage Station

Air-pots for coffee, decaf and hot water, Water pitchers, Iced tubs for soda, juice and other cold drinks, Drinking straws, Drink stirrers, Cocktail napkins, Coffee cups, Water glasses, Basket of assorted teas and or hot cocoa, Basket of sugar packets, Small wastebasket

Additional Items for Off-Premise Catering

Cambro- An insulated container that keeps food hot or cold, Garbage bags for dirty linen, Extra bus tubs for dirty dishes, Disposable containers for food storage (if you are keeping it or the customer intend to keep leftovers), Plastic wrap, Tin foil, Extra serving utensils, Jugs of water- if no running water is available at the site, Hand sanitizer, Extra cleaning rags or paper towels

If you want your catering business to grow and scale some good heights in nearby future, then the best option is to purchase your own equipment. You also get to keep the item and they can be traded or auctioned to earn back a good another huge chunk of cash. There are also tax benefits that a business owner can enjoy. There is another option to getting your equipment and such an option is called leasing. Buying or leasing catering equipment can depend on the business owner’s convenience level. Whatever the decision might be, it is important to choose the best equipment dealer, positively reviewed for selling as well as providing this equipment on lease.

Buying Guide For Commercial Glasswashers

Food business owners should buy a commercial glasswashers. The purchase, however, has to be equipped with correct product knowledge and acquainted with more specific factors of the product relating the performance and aesthetics.

glass-washerThe size, the location, and orientation of the unit are important. There are many factors you want to consider in choosing which part of the room you’ll place your glasswasher; enough for it to actually fit into the room and to strategically place it where it will be convenient in all aspect. You should take into consideration space it will occupy, the allowance you will set for the door of the unit to open. The position should also be ideal for the staff to pass on the machine while being used. It should also have ample of room to allow enough space nearby for handling boxes of glass wash detergents and still fit an additional water softening unit if you are using hard water in your area (though some machines already have built in softening units). The recommended practice is to place the unit on a universal washer stand to provide a more comfortable working height. This will increase the efficiency of loading and unloading and reduce the chances of injury caused by handling.

The wash capacity of the commercial glasswasher has to be taken into account. A wash capacity refers to the relation of the internal dimensions with the speed of the washing process. It is normal to express the internal dimensions in terms of the size of a basket and the number of glasses which will fit into the machine. The speed of washing is expressed in terms of racks per hour or simply, the time for each cycle. However, speeds expressed in racks per hour and the total time of cycle does not include the loading and unloading time. There will be variable cycle time in some machines especially those with glass renovators that are responsible for restoring the shine of the glasses, wherein it has to extend its cycle time.

Energy efficiency has become a talking point for most; especially since prices for energy consumption increased yearly. There are numbers of manufacturers who take the responsibility seriously offering an excellent performance product that is energy efficient. However, it is misleading to think that the numbers of wattage translate into low energy efficiency. Even the efficiency of the machine has to be considered. At least some of the time, the machine is going to stay switched on, even when it is not being used. It will continue to use anything and so models with insulated wash tanks will, in addition to being quiet, also be more energy efficient.

Benefits Of Cool Rooms

There are many benefits attached in hiring or getting cool rooms and refrigerators. These benefits come in many angles, thus best to consider both for private and commercial purpose.

Benefits of cool rooms

• Provides maximum shelf storage

You know for a fact that anything placed in colder temperature will have higher chances of maximizing their shelf life. It can be edibles like meat, processed food and the like, and that same goes with non edibles like flowers etc.

Cool rooms are being used during parties or events or even businesses that need to travel their products from one point to another. The ability of storing and maximizing shelf life of any commodity is important for business and private use.



• Higher security

One of the features that any cold rooms may have would be lockable doors, you know that anything you kept inside cool rooms will be safe knowing that they are securely locked out.

• Help you organize

Cool rooms can help you get enough shelving for any of your supplies. The space that you need to ensure that you can arrange your items exactly as how you want them to be is highly possible using cool rooms. The domestic need for cold storage may come from any big events you host etc., thus making sure that all supplies you need to be kept cold are properly arranged and easy to find. For businesses, having everything easy to find for your customers orders or supplies is a sure plus.

• Sanitation

You surely want to make sure that everything that you keep for storing will be highly sanitized, with the help of cold rooms, sanitation is just highly achievable. No need to worry, as cold rooms will not just keep your supplies out of possible spoiling but, these rooms are highly reliable ensuring that proper sanitation is being held on any items you store in the rooms.

You can always purchase your own cold rooms if you have extra funds to spare or if your business requires you to have one, but if not, hiring one is highly recommendable. There is nothing easier and more efficient than renting or hiring cool rooms. There are businesses that you can find online where they offer different types and sizes of cool rooms you can use for either your domestic or business needs.

Take advantage of all the benfits that cool rooms can offer and see for yourself how helpful they can become.

Benefits Of Eating Out Occasionally

As you probably noticed already, there are now so many restaurants. Every time you want to eat out, for sure you can even find one which is just a walking distance from your home if you are not the picky type like you are just hungry and any restaurant will do. However, there are times when even if you are already dead tired from keeping the house, attending to your husband and children, you feel like it is really such a waste of money eating out when you can just cook. That is true of course especially that money is really not that easy to earn. However, there are really times when you can also indulge yourself and find a good restaurant. And because you don’t do this often like maybe only during special events or when you really feel like going out, be sure to really find a restaurant that is worth your hard earned money, a kind of cafe that provides good foods, good ambiance and still affordable.

Here are some of the best times or reasons why eating out is also the best option at times:

– If you are a bachelor and you want to impress your date, then you should bring her to a commendable café like the Aura Bar. With this café, you can be sure that your bottom line will really be achieved. With their unique ambience that is opposite to the times today, who wouldn’t enjoy eating different cuisines in this café.

– You are too tired to cook your own food or you feel like eating something new. If that is the case, then indeed you should check out Aura Bar café as they offer the best foods in affordable prices. They serve breakfasts and also lunches thus you should be able to enjoy them before going to work and during lunch time.

– Another reason to dine out is when you spotted a new café like the Aura Bar for example. This restaurant is not really what you called old but not entirely new as well for they are just in this business for 5 years. However, if you will check out their place and experience their service, you won’t notice that they are just new as they are really experts in making their customers feel full in delightful ways. Aside from the usual meals, you can also order for cakes, coffee from the best baristas, wine and even beer. Yes, they certainly have everything you can possibly need thus you can say that they are really worth checking out.

– And lastly, another reason for dining out is when you are celebrating a special occasion like anniversaries, someone is promoted and so on. With a very special event to celebrate, it is just right that it will be done in an amazing restaurant as well and Aura Bar should fit that description.

Yes, there are really times that we want to dine outside and it would be good if there is a nearby cafe in Fortitude Valley.

Commercial Cool Rooms: The Complete, Unbiased Buying Guide

Commercial cool rooms are specially built to store meat, milk products, etc. at controlled temperatures. It is one of the latest innovations in freezer storage. Unlike the regular freezers, however, there are many features offered by cool rooms.

To know more about these features, refer to the list below.

  • Dimensions

            Commercial cool rooms can be as small or as large as the client wants it to be. The client dictates the dimension requirements his business needs and the manufacturer simply complies. Special sizes are taken into consideration to optimise the space or facility where the cool room will be installed.

            Since there are no standard dimensions, the client can take full control of the measurements for the floor, shelving, door and the like.

  • Temperature control

            Because cool rooms are designed specifically for cold and freezer storage, it must be maintained at a designated temperature range. Typical cool rooms work between 0 to 5 C. Digital and electronic thermometers are used to constantly check and monitor the temperature.

  • Unique LED or LCD display

            Cool rooms come with the latest innovation on LED or LCD display. This enhances the automated electronic feature of most cool rooms.

  • Available in stainless steel or painted metal

            Stainless steel and painted metals are the optimum materials to use for building a commercial cool room. Still, if the client wishes to, he can opt for other materials like wood or PE coating.

  • Easy and fast to assemble

            This cold room storage is built already at the manufacturer’s facility. All it needs is proper installation following the manufacturer specifications. Moreover, it is also easy to resettle with its dismountable feature.

  • Customized appearance

            There are equipment parts that follow certain standards. But for its appearance, the cool room can be customised according to the client’s preferences.

  • Efficiently utilises space

            Because its dimensions can be customised depending on the client’s needs, the commercial cool room is efficient when it comes to space utilisation.

  • Sturdy, insulated doors and hinges

            Insulation of doors and hinges greatly help save energy by maintaining the correct temperature inside the cool room.

  • Available in competitive prices

            Commercial cool rooms are reasonably priced given the many features they have. Manufacturers also offer custom panel systems to help save costs. Receive the best value for your money by choosing cooling systems with high capacity.

  • Have energy-saving features

            A cool room with efficient energy system has a higher performance and less energy consumption. With this feature, it is able to achieve its maximum efficiency. Plus, it is equipped with energy saving devices with efficiency percentages that can reach up to 50 per cent. Truly, this feature is not only energy-saving but also cost-cutting.

            Energy-saving devices come in the form of LED lighting, alarm signals for opened doors, properly installed insulation, special hinges and locks and so on.

All of these features, if not most, should be available to your cool room.

Effective Guidelines When Choosing A Commercial Fridge

If you are about to open a business that concerns with food, then you should have with you a reliable commercial fridge. Especially when you are dealing with a tough competition, there shouldn’t be a day where you will say no to your customers when they will order out of your provided menu. Note that with just one disappointment, there is a good chance you will not see them again. That is why, be sure to prepare everything that is included in your menu and they should be in good condition all the time. A reliable commercial fridge can help in this matter thus if you are planning to get one, be sure to know what to consider and not just rely on the look and the price of the commercial fridge. Well, of course the looks and the price will also matter since this is for business but they should not be your main determinants.

If you are having a hard time picking one, here are some relevant guidelines:


– Your top consideration should be its functionality. You have so many options when it comes to commercial fridges though not all of them can assist your business. The design you need is on where the customers will mostly benefit. It should be something that is commendable to look at and it should be reliable in terms of protecting your food from getting spoiled. At the same time, it should be easy to clean as well especially that your customers will probably see it all the time.

– Reliability is another factor that is quite important especially that you are in a business. For sure you don’t want it when your newly bought commercial fridge will suddenly fail to provide the service you expect and some other errors like when refrigerants are exposed and so on. You should choose a commercial fridge that is known to be high performing and you should only get it from reputable providers.

– Note that since nothing is perfect in this world, there is always a chance that your commercial fridge will malfunction. In such event, you should inquire upfront if the provider can provide service to fix the commercial fridge. Because of competition, there are a lot of providers that will do this thus see to it that you are in one of them so that once your fridge will malfunction, all you will need to do is call them.

– And lastly, you also need to consider the energy consumption of the commercial fridge. Note that the energy prices these days are continuing to rise. There are commercial fridges that can provide efficient service thus you should inquire about them.

– And lastly, since this is for business, the looks of the commercial fridge will also matter.

These are the factors that you can consider. Again, you have so many options when it comes to providers and the types of commercial fridge. So, you don’t need to settle for less than what you want and need. Enquire from the commercial fridge provider in Brisbane.

Learn More About Electrolux Commercial Dishwasher

If you are managing a restaurant or a diner or even just a catering service, then you should have with you a high-end dishwasher. Nowadays, customers have high value for efficient, precise and fast transaction. Meaning, you have to keep up with your costumer’s demand. You would not want to have costumers complaining about not having their orders ready or costumers leaving the establishment disappointed, or even customer not looking forward to going back to your store again. Costumers having a busy schedule and having other options would not mind not choosing your service anymore.

Having the right tool and equipment to deliver effective customer service, staying in this kind of business will not be that hard. In the food industry, for instance, a commercial dishwasher should be handy. Their benefits are as follows:

  • If your commercial dishwasher is one of the leading in the market, then you can perhaps confidently provide the best service with your customer when it comes to cleanliness. Costumers have high regard for it especially since you are in line with food business. Meticulously checking the kitchen wares you serve together with their orders, costumers are wary and sceptical. Though, if you are using an Electrolux dishwasher then sparkling clean and hygienic kitchen wares will always be served. This is because an Electrolux dishwasher operates with the ideal water temperature enough to effectively eliminate germs present on utensils.
  • Operating time would be essential when providing a fast customer service in a diner. Provided the high volume of orders, your commercial dishwasher should keep up with the demand. There are different brands of commercial dishwasher, however, if you will use Electrolux dishwasher, you will surely be able to serve your costumers effectively and get your money’s worth
  • Built with water softening features, costumers complaining about detergent residue on their kitchen wares would never be a problem when using Electrolux dishwasher. This is a common problem with other diners. Given the situation of washing in large bulk and others using strong detergent, water softening features would be convenient and effective in delivering a detergent-free and completely rinsed kitchen wares.
  • Lastly, to perfectly fit your specific needs, you can choose from the vast variety of models in Electrolux dishwasher. Thus you will surely find the one that fits your need and most appropriate for your business.

So, for a more effective service, you should get your business a commercial Electrolux dishwasher.

Advantages Of Commercial Refrigeration Cool Rooms

A refrigerator can be considered on of the most important appliance to have. To avoid spoilage and wasting of food and stock, storage and preservation is a key. With the common household practice of buying stocks from the grocery good for a week or a month, a refrigerator is really needed for all these to be stored and prolong its shelf life especially those goods that spoil in a short span of time.

What more when you are in a food business and running a restaurant? You surely will not be able to run a restaurant without having that commercial refrigeration cool room where all the foods will be placed. In this kind of setting where a vast amount of food is required to store without them spoiling and wasting money,  a commercial refrigeration cool room would be the best choice.

So here are the advantages of commercial refrigeration cool rooms.

1. Huge and has a lot of space.

Instead of buying a typical refrigerator, a restaurateur should invest on a commercial cool room. Aside from having that one place where the foods can be safely stored and preserved, the space it provides play a vital role in preserving the goods properly. It will give you enough space providing a proper storage condition wherein you will not have to store all your goods tightly compromising the quality and freshness. A commercial refrigeration cool room is something that restaurateur has to invest in because food is what he must prioritise.

2. Cooling power is amazing.

In a refrigerator,  provided that it is big enough is still not capable of holding a lot of goods in it. This is due to the cooling power it has that may not just be enough to ensure the freshness and the goods from getting spoiled. But with plenty of goods, commercial cool rooms are capable of containing and has the cooling capacity designed for such condition.

3. Convenience.

A commercial cool room is all about convenience and food. Convenience means having to get the goods of your choice and not spending too much time and effort taking it out from it. Convenience also means having to cater two persons in there and not having trouble fitting yourselves in. The foods per se, are secured and has been provided with proper storage condition due to the fact that they are not crowded and has enough vent that can maintain the temperature ideal for their freshness and quality.

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The Importance of Coffee Beans Wholesale

Best coffee comes from the pure and fresh beans and this is what every coffee drinker loves. It is always important to drink freshly brewed daily to keep you relaxed and to satisfy your thirst. However, not all beans that are available at the present are best. It is still best to drink the pure coffee that is from the pure beans. The beans wholesale is the latest option that is available that people can avail. When you will avail this, you can have lots of coffee supply that will satisfy your needs. You will surely live life with great relaxation because you will drink espresso that is pure and freshly harvested. There is no need for you to go to the farm or market because there are online sellers that sell coffee beans in wholesale. This provides them with affordable beans to be made into your morning drink and at the same time allow them to consume as much as they want that comes from fresh and pure beans with no chemicals sprayed.

Coffee Beans Wholesale

You can make coffee anytime you want without worrying about the supply because you can buy in bulk and be assured of its good quality. The beans wholesale are good quality coffee beans that make great taste coffees.

There is great importance when you will purchase beans for wholesale. This helps you save money by availing discounts from purchasing in bulk.  In addition, it is your chance of helping coffee beans grower and gives them income. This is so beneficial to all coffee shop owners. This helps manage your customers’ satisfaction in proving the best coffees with tastes that are great. So, when you love drinking coffee or your business is in line with this, then, it is just right and important that you purchase coffee beans in wholesale.

Running a restaurant? Try the commercial coffee machines.

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