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What You Need To Know About Tree Loppers

Gardeners need different tools and equipment in order to perform gardening works. Some of these tools are tree loppers. A tree lopper is actually a kind of scissor that allows the gardener to prune small branches and twigs which are located at the top portion of the trees.

There are two main types of tree loppers which are available nowadays in the market. You can either get your hands on a bypass type or an anvil type. Furthermore, these two types have several styles under them. You actually need to determine which type you should be using for your gardening task. Here are a few descriptions of each type.

Bypass type of tree lopper

An amateur gardener typically uses a bypass type of lopper. This type has two pairs of handles, attached at the middle through an X-shaped connection, which have blades at their end parts. You will have to move the handles so that the blades will also move. The basic style of a bypass type is a pair of garden shears. To use it, you just have to put the twig or branch you want to remove and push the handles together for the blades to cut it. When using the bypass type of lopper, you have to make sure that the direction in which the twig or branch will fall is against you and not towards you. This way, you can avoid possible injuries. It is best to use the bypass type of lopper for thinner stems.

Anvil type of tree lopper

The anvil type of tree lopper is similar in physical appearance with a bypass type. The only difference is that the anvil type only has one blade that can cut through twigs and branches. The reason why it is known as anvil is because it acts functions like an anvil where it hammers the branch rather than really cut it. However, most individuals would not utilize anvil tree loppers Brisbane since they can cause bruises and damages to the trees. They are not also able to accurately cut off the branches or twigs, unlike the bypass type. You can utilize the anvil type when pruning thick and hard dead woods.

Short and long-handled loppers

A lopper can have short or long handles. You can use a short-handled lopper if you will be pruning twigs at close range. On the other hand, you need to use a long-handled one if you will need to prune twigs at a great height or reach across the beds and the borders without the need to go through shrubs.

Extendable loppers

An extendable lopper allows you to cut twigs located at a certain height which can only be possible if you use a step ladder along with a pair of shears. One popular extendable looper is the telescopic one, which you can pull out to extend its length. If you use it, though, you should make sure that you will securely tighten it so that it can cut through the twigs or branches.

Ratchet lopper

Another type is the ratchet lopper. It chips off the wood in stages. This means that it cuts the wood little by little. This is best for those branches or twigs that are thicker and harder.

Outdoor Treasures

Spending time outside in the fresh air and sunlight is a great way to spend quality time with your family. Spend the time doing something active, playing with a ball, attempting your hand at cricket or even tossing about a frisbee.

Outdoor activity equipment is something that should always be looked after. It should never be left lying around in the sun or other elements. Equipment is costly and needs to be looked after. Leaving it lying around may even result in your dog using it for a chew toy.

A great idea is to hire or purchase garden bags from your local garden services. The bags are durable and water resistant and made for the outdoors. Store all your balls, bats, rackets and stick in the bag in a safe place where they will be easily accessible when your family feels the urge to have a day of fun outdoors.


The great thing about garden bags is that it usually comes with handles and this can be picked up, loaded into your vehicle and taken with you to the park or to the beach if you feel like a change of scenery for your family shenanigans.

The other great thing about the garden bag Brisbane North side  is that they are perfect for your child’s sports attire and equipment. Perhaps you child is an avid cricket player. Keep all his/her gear in one place, safe and dry. Anything from helmets, to pads, to bats and balls will fit easily into the garden bag. Pick up and go when practice comes around.

Another fabulous idea for a garden bag is to store any portable chairs and accessories in them. Chairs and accessories that you would normally only use on a day to the beach or for a picnic in the park are kept clean, safe and dry within the confines of a garden bag. Convenient and easy to pick up and pack when the urge grabs you to enjoy a healthy brunch in the park or to soak up the sun at the shore.

A garden is a fabulous but extremely simple invention that has multiple uses in and around the home. Use your imagination and keep anything that should be stored away safely and out of harm’s way in them. Keep your yard clean and tidy and everything you may need at an arm’s reach away. Outings and activities will be so much less stressful than before. No searching for what you need or spending time deciding what to take. It’s all there and nothing will be forgotten in haste.