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Questions You Should Ask Your Video Production Company

Any business nowadays needs a video production company. Marketing through videos is one of the most effective tools any business can have. Studies show that websites that have videos on their landing page get significantly more click-through-rates than those who don’t. In fact, utilising this type of marketing creates more conversions.

The effectiveness of your campaign will all depend on the type of team you hire. Digital cameras can be found everywhere. In essence, anyone with a smartphone can create videos for your campaign. There are so many companies that offer the service, but it’s important to be discerning. Here are a few things you should ask your video production company before hiring them.

  • How long have you been in business?

Experience is key when it comes to making videos. Technical knowledge in the field can be easy to read in books. However, what differentiates pros from amateurs is the natural instinct for shooting. Like any other type of service, the experience is very important.

  • Do you have any references?

It’s not enough to be in business for a long time. You should also be providing excellent quality service to your customers. Asking for references will clue you in on what their working relationship is like with previous clients. This will also verify any type of claims they have about the experience.

  • How fast can you give me a rough draft?

Your videographer should know how to work on a schedule. Like any other marketing campaign, yours is sure to have a target launch date. If the videographer can’t deliver in time, it’s time to find a new one. However, you should also be realistic about setting the schedules. If you haven’t got any footage and are expecting a draft in three days, you might want to reconsider your timeline.

  • How can you improve on my idea?

A good video production company will know how to listen to client’s ideas. They also are able to provide some insight on what works and what doesn’t. Making videos is a collaborative, creative process.

For more information about videographers, consult with Melbourne video production company today.

The Importance of Video Production in Business

A well-crafted video production has the potential to help your business earn a reputation in minutes. With the advent of websites and the internet, it has become easier to get your message across and advertise your products or services throughout the world. Here are more reasons why producing a video is important for your company:

  • Deliver Your Message

Your customers will easily understand your message if you will explain it through video production. Most likely, your business has a lot of competitors. If that’s the case, clients will approach the best company that can give them their money’s worth.

Most will try searching the internet for leads. If they see your informative videos, they will have confidence in you and will most likely choose your business over the others.

  • Tell a Story

There is no better way to create a relationship with your customers than with video production. This is why it is important to ensure that your videos can affect them to the point that they will have a personal connection with your business. If you don’t know how to do that, no worries as there are a lot of companies that can help you.

You only need to tell them your goal and they will create videos that will move the audience in different ways.

  • Introduce Products

If you have a new product or service to offer, creating videos to showcase your offerings is the best way to introduce them. People are busy nowadays with a lot of things and they may not be interested in reading lengthy product explanations. With videos, you can catch the interest of the people, even the laziest buyers.

However, remember that in order for your videos to be a hit, you need to be creative and make sure that you will produce high-quality works. To do that, consult Fish Media Solutions for reliable video production Sydney. Check out their website to learn more.

Duties, Responsibilities, Skills and Specifications of a Logo Designer

Whatever career path you choose, you will always have duties and responsibilities. A plumber has his duties and responsibilities and the same is to be said for an electrician. That same thing goes for the industry of graphic design.

Being a logo designer, you will have to make the branding of businesses, companies and organisations. You also need to have the required skills to perform the job. You will also need to have specifications to excel in your chosen industry.

The logo design industry is not an industry of people who suddenly woke up one day and decided to become a logo designer. It is an industry of hard working people, people who strived to be the best in what they do and people who, day by day, learn to master their craft.

Duties and Responsibilities:

•    Create Layouts Using the Design Principles

A logo designer must follow certain principles in making anything on their job. This principle of theirs is equivalent to the plumbing code of a plumber or the electrical code of an electrician.

•    Work to Get the Most of What They Are Given Of

Being a logo designer, you would most probably get rough instructions from your employer. It is your duty to make the most of those instructions and produce the best product you could ever produce.

•    Create and Give the Clients What They Want or More

You will have to produce the best logo you can create for your clients. As someone who works in the industry, you will not do your job half-heartedly. No matter what ideas you have in mind, always do what the clients tell you to do. You may give suggestions, but it is their decision that will matter.

•    Provide Creative Solutions to Your Clients’ Graphic Problem

It is your job as a logo designer to be creative and imaginative. You will have to ensure that anything you create will help the business, company or organisation of your client.

•    Create Logos and Coordinate With Your Client

Always ask your clients what they think, though at most times you can think well than them when it comes to logo designing. Always consult with them and ask them if they agree with your ideas.

Skills and Specifications:

•    You must have an educational background in graphic design. Handling any job without

any proper education is proved to be disastrous.

•    As a logo designer, you must have a pleasing personality and effective communication

skills. You would be always working side-by-side with your clients and there is a certain aspect of your job that they do not understand. It is your priority that you make them understand what it is that you do.

•    Ability to manage your time. You must always do the work before the deadline and know how to prioritise jobs.

•    You must have a thorough knowledge of the tools needed in your trade. You must be knowledgeable in using software needed for your job. You must be able to know how to properly use the drawing materials, especially your art materials.

If you’re looking for someone who has all the skills mentioned above and carries out logo design tasks to the highest possible standards, look no further contact custom logo designs company.

Importance Of Corporate Video Production

Video production services became a big thing as it expands the range of marketing tools of businesses. iPerMedia video production services in Brisbane, QLD is one of the most awarded video production houses. The high quality videos is also integral in making a company’s identity professional looking, making it leaders of its industry. But how else can a corporate video help a company? Here’s how:

Boost Recruitment

Corporate videos showing the culture of the company is a drive for recruitment. It could be in a form of documentary, showcasing what it was like being in a certain industry. Or it can also be an upbeat and modern type of video showing the success of the company and how its employees contribute to this victory. The obvious message here is that these kinds of videos excites a person to join an organisation. It gives an idea that it’s fun to work in that environment and it shares the same vision with a person.

Enhance company’s image

Video production services lift the personality of a brand. Doing this will help a company to level up from its competitors as it market their products and services in a fun and genius way that is video. The bottom line here is, corporate videos helped build credibility and professionalism. A company can get all that by choosing the right people in the market. In Brisbane, Australia, the company Ipermedia provides clients with satisfactory video production services for marketing campaigns, documentaries, website videos and more. What separates them from the others is their commitment in guiding their clients with what works best for their campaigns.

Attracts market

Creative and unique corporate videos attract and engage target market as it appeals to their taste. These videos are considered as digital marketing allowing much greater brand recognition. In turn, it adds value to the marketing strategy of businesses.

We all know that videos are effective since people are now more of visual learners, they absorb more knowledge using their eyes plus the auditory element. Therefore, the message is clear and at the same time, it achieves publicity.


Having a corporate video is an investment to businesses. Aside from using them for promotion and marketing, it can also be used in training staff. Its usage is stretched and you get your money’s worth.

Why Apply For A Coffee Franchise?

Seeing that the business world is quite congested already, you might think that it is easy to start a business. Well, if you have the financial capability, it might be easier indeed. However, that is still a problem, you seriously need a lot of good marketing strategy to be able to start your own business. It is just a good thing though that even without that much starting capital, you can still venturing on your own favorite business. Like for example if you want to start a coffee business, you can do so by buying a franchise as such process will only need to use a small amount.

There are now so many coffee businesses where you can buy a coffee franchise and one of them is the Expresso Mobile Cafe. Why choose this business, check out the answer below:

1. First of all, the business is 100% Australian owned. Thus if you are from Australia, this should be quite convenient for you. However, even if you are from another country you can still bet your bottom dollar and purchase a franchise from them.

2. They have been in this industry for more than a decade. When it comes to coffee van game, they certainly rule.

3. Enjoy exclusive and generous territories that might even be just a short distance from your home.

4. You are your own boss. There will be no reporting or red tape and hidden fees! Everything is simply transparent.

5. You will be provided with the best coffee van like the best-looking Mercedes-Benz no less that is 3-seater.

6. The van also comes with flexible food and drink options that are displayed at the side part of your van. It also comes with ample shelving for ambient temperature snacks.

7. You can’t expect smelly or noisy generators just like what you get from other businesses. Their coffee machines and fridges are operated both by gas and inverter/battery.

8. You will be happy and proud to serve your customers as you will be serving them only the best products that are guaranteed with quality and sustainability.

9. The good thing with Expresso Mobile Cafe is their business is big enough to know all that you will possibly need to start a coffee business while at the same time, small enough to care about your own interest and to aim that you will really succeed in this venture. You can even have the number of their bosses!

10. This is the best especially if you are planning to do a one-man show for awhile. You don’t need to deal with problematic employees.

11. With Expresso Mobile Cafe, you will even have plenty of time to bond with your kids as you can just go home every 2 pm which will comprise of 30 hours a week!

Indeed if you are looking for a business to purchase a coffee franchise with, there is no need to look further. Let Expresso Mobile Cafe help you!

Effectiveness of Promotional Products

Promotional products are branded items given away by companies for the purposes of marketing the company and creating awareness on what the company deals with. They are meant to improve the company’s sales or company’s corporate image, put differently, they are giveaways that are mainly used for advertisement. For example in Australia, promotional products are also taking a lead in marketing alongside other marketing tools and it has been proven that this kind of marketing is developing rapidly as it provides a tangible and long- lasting connection with the targeted audience.

Australian companies are embracing this kind of marketing and are investing millions of dollars yearly on promotional products to boost their advertising. Recently you cannot miss branded products on corporate events as part of an incentive or corporate gift programs in Australia. Marketers are always on the look for more and more opportunities to entice their customers. Politicians also use these items to create awareness for their campaigns. Like giving out gifts to schools and charity organizations that are branded their political slogans. Or organize a charity campaign, for example creating cervical cancer awareness. See

Companies dealing with promotional products are also coming up and their agents are always searching for more innovative and unique products in the market. This has now grown and become a feature in the Australian market. Because it does not only serve as a useful marketing tool but it also has a great importance of inherent use, high branding opportunities and the simple fact that the value of such kind of products goes far beyond the price they were purchased.

Having that in mind startup businesses and organizations or even the ones that have been operating for a while will find using this strategy as a very important aspect of their growth prospects. However there are key fundamentals of this kind of marketing that must be of them is the product you want to use: this can be a tangible product or a service, but mostly what is offered can be a mix of the two. Its sole purpose is to deliver a unique way of selling your products one that clearly tells why your product is better than the other ones that are being offered in the market.

These merchandise or items can actually be anything that can be branded with a company’s logo or name. Wearable products are the ones that are mainly used, these items are normally small and cheap. Examples are branded bags, T-shirts, umbrellas, flash disks perfumes mugs stickers, caps to name just a few.

Benefits Of Having Signs In The Office Or Establishment

Signs are not only for the purpose of introducing your company or business or giving directions to people on the road, signs are equally important inside offices or establishments.

The benefits of having signs in the office or establishment

Business Signs around the vicinity of office or establishment is important, they come in many purposes, thus it is highly recommended. Nevertheless, signs may not be effective if you do not place them to spots or places that your guests or customers can see them easily, signs are just useless.

Guests can find what they are looking for all by themselves, thus highly convenient

Customers not needing to ask anyone to go wherever they want in the office or establishment is definitely convenient. Letting them move freely with the help of the signs they see is definitely a huge help indeed in making things convenient for them.

Customers asking your employees about directions may keep them off their duties, thus consuming their time.

Giving directions may not be that long though, but still can consume time of your employees. Each of your employees have their assigned tasks and being called by your guests or visitors just to get directions definitely wont help them at all. Get the service of the professional signage maker. Check the website of Gold Coast Signage maker.

business signage

Signs can avoid guests or customers from asking as all are directed to them, thus not needing to cut your employees from doing their main responsibilities at work.

For the purpose of security

Fire exit, fire extinguisher signs should always be visible for people to see, this signs can help them be secured in the event of unavoidable circumstance. They may not know what to do in the event that, fire for an instance occur, with the help of signs, they will be in a way be given directives and remind them on places where they need to run.

For important signs as such, it should be highly visible for everyone to see. Make use of colors red or green to ensure that they are highly visible. Make the letters a bit bigger to ensure visibility.

For giving your office or establishments labels

Cashier, Comfort Room, Finance Department, Reception, few of the things where you need to put signs. Labelling your office will make thing a lot more organized. This can help your customers or visitors as well identifying where they are supposed to go. Well organized office or establishment can start with proper labelling of different departments, divisions and amenities.

Identification Is Important

You might have never really realised it but the ability to identify the people you interact with is a lot more important than you think. There are so many reasons why you need to know who you are talking to, but the most obvious one is that it feels a little uncomfortable when you are talking to someone and you do not know their name, it is incredibly awkward and it also makes you wonder exactly what it is that their hiding. It is so much easier to trust people who wear a security badge of some sort because at the very least, you will know their name. Companies and schools can benefit greatly from using these badges with high quality badge holder.

When you go off to the grocery store or the bank, you always reckon that you can trust the person helping you because they are usually wearing an ID badge or some other form of identification. Even telemarketers use this technique to make clients feel comfortable; they tell you who you are speaking before they even try to sell you their product. The badge creates this feeling of trust because it allows the client to feel aware of who their talking to and what their getting themselves into, it creates a sense of great customer service because it makes communication easier.

In most schools in Australia teachers and staff on school sites are required to wear an ID badge of some sort. Some people might feel that it is absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary because if you see a teacher everyday at school, then you should probably already know their name. That assumption is not too right, the badges make communication easier for new parents and new staff members, just like in sales. The badges also help with safety. When every adult who works on site is required to wear one, it makes it a lot easier for children to spot someone who should not be there.

ID badges do a lot more than just identify people; they help keep us safe, they build relationships and strong bonds. Anyone in any business that requires constant communication and also has a whole lot of clients coming in all day should consider implementing identification badges. The id badges can be used for security clearance levels in companies that work with sensitive information. In order for you to build strong relationships with clients, and trusting bonds, you should consider getting Identification badges for reliable service.

Cheap Radio Advertising- A Quick Guide On The Best Way To Advertise On The Radio

Radio advertising can be hit and miss if you do not get it right. That’s why choosing the best advertising agency who has skills and experience in radio advertising is incredibly important. An experienced and skilled advertising agency can help with the strategy for your campaign, in selecting the right station for your target audience, and in the amazing process and production of your radio advert. When choosing an advertising agency, ensure you ask to hear samples of their previous radio ads. This is the best way in assessing their production quality, creative skills, and to see if you like how they do their job.


In current times, the radio stations have been making radio commercials directly for costumes. While this is an inexpensive way of obtaining your radio advertising, it is not the best way. The specialty of the radio stations is to run a radio station, which is an advertising agency and is producing advertising. While there are costs involved, still you will end up with a radio ad that is more competent in getting your message across and assisting in targeting your target audience. When discussing media schedule with your potential agency, keep in mind that radio advertising is all about hitting the viewers on a constant basis. If you plan a schedule, you will get an erratic response. If you get your message in the same space, however, you will probably hit the same people with your message over and over again – this is the key to good response levels. You can either directly negotiate with a radio station regarding rates or enable your agency to do this for you. Frequently, the best radio advertising agency has a relationship with a station to negotiate sponsorship, free spots, and reduce rates. Check the service Cheap Radio Melbourne.

Above all, take note that the great radio hold attention and spots grab. To keep your audience listening to your space per month after month basis, make them a part of your ongoing campaign concept. Your listeners will listen to the most recent versions, thus helping extend your message successfully than if you were to run the unrelated spots. For best results, make your call to action.

So, by now you probably know the importance of radio ads. Of you have a business, and would like to promote economically, a radio advertising would be the best option. While they are on radio, the company can be found online for more information.

Logo Design Tips

Every company has their individual logos, which makes their product distinct from the others. The custom logo design helps in creating an innovative strategy for your unique product. People mostly choose a product or service because of the presence of designs.

However, explaining the entire theme of the company in just one logo can be difficult at times. It requires superior ideas and tips that can help in the creation of logos. Some of the tips to keep in mind are as follows:

The Design Process

Every company should at first try to have their unique design so that they can interpret their ideas to the world. The presentation should be in an appropriate style. Adopt modern technology for making the design so one can keep up with the latest knowledge.

Pricing of the Design

It should meet the needs and demands of the customer. Many revisions may be requiring before one can get the final design of the logo. The size of the business depends on a lot in this case. The pricing will all depend on whether the business can generate more money to the designers or not.

Learning from Others

It is essential that the designer must try to understand the designs of all other peers of the industry so that they can get an idea of how to make a design. Checking out all logos of the famous brands can give many inputs for developing a better logo for the company. They help a logo designer in lots of ways.

Infusion in the Brand Logo

Before making of a logo, it is essential for the developers to understand the working of the company so they know what the customers expect from the enterprise. Questionnaires help a lot in this case because, in that way, the company learns the expectations of the customers.

Making a Lot of Sketches

When you try making a logo, there will be a hundred mistakes in that design, and you will keep on changing it from time to time. Keeping all the sketches will make it easy to understand the errors made by you and do not make the same mistake again.

Using Negative Spaces in an Efficient Way

Effective logos have the power to use the negative spaces so that there is not much space left when making those designs. The combination of the words makes it a great logo.

These are some of the fantastic tips for making a logo design, which is clear and independent and can carry the corporate culture of the company. The logos should be straightforward and efficient and should convey the right meaning of the enterprise.